Tracking the trackers – a hi tech way to keep track of your kids’ stuff

Trackers can be used for many purposes, and parents are finding more ways to use them every day. If a tracker is hidden on kids’ belongings, like a backpack, laptop or bike bike, it could operate like a LoJack to help you locate it if it’s lost or stolen.

There are many other creative and useful ways to emply trackers.  Some users have placed the trackers in their luggage to find it on the carousel at bag claim, to avoid the shoulder to shoulder bustle at bag claim, and others have used it for peace of mind to make sure their luggage made it a board their flight when changing planes. Even in airplane mode, the trackers can work to indicate that luggage is on board below the plane floor.

If you’ve ever circled a parking structure searching for your lost car, ZUS Smart Car Finder & USB Car Charger will be a lifesaver. This tracker has an embedded chip that helps track your car with an app. When you’re at a loss to find your car, open the app and a compass-like interface appears with a red arrow pointing to your car and indicating how many feet away it is. The car charger doubles as a car charger with two USB ports that can speed charge two iPads or other devices at half the time of standard car chargers. It has a stylish case with three illuminated dots so you can find the charger in a dark car. The made-in-Germany styling is sleek and modern, so that it looks like it belongs in any luxury vehicle. $29.99 for a single unit or $54.99 for a two pack on Amazon.


For anyone who sometimes is absent minded and leaves a purse, keys, phone or other item in a place where they can’t find it, TrackR bravo will help you locate it and hopefully get it back. The coin-sized device can be attached to your item, tucked into a wallet, or stuck onto belongings, such as a bike, and if the item goes missing, you use the tracker app to pinpoint where the item was last seen. In reverse, if you lose your phone, you press a button on the Trackr fob which will make your phone sound out, even if it’s on silent, so that you can locate it. If your item is lost far away, the Trackr sends out a signal that is received among the community of fellow Trackr users, so if your lost an item and it is nearby another user, you are notified of the location. $29.99 on Amazon.
Tile has just introduced a slim version of this popular tracker, making it about the thickness of two credit cards. It can be slipped into a pocket, wallet or purse, or attached to keys or stuck onto a laptop or other item, and if you cannot find the item you can use the Tile app to see a radar-type scope that shows where your item was last.  If you lose your phone registered to Tile, you can press a button on the device and it will ring your phone, even if the phone is set to silent; or if the item is in range, you can use the app to sound a 90 dB ring that can be heard under couch cushions, inside your car or wherever else you might have left the phone, so that you can follow the sound to find your item. $29.99 on Amazon.

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